Child Care On-Call (Long and Short Term Options)

Let Us Have Them offers an on-call nanny service with qualified nursery nurse Kim Gibbs.

She can provide care for your children in your own home when you cannot be around for whatever the reason.  Whether you need someone around for just a few hours, full days, evenings, weekends or even on a permanent basis; Kim is available and will be happy to come out to you, even at short notice.

References Please click here to read some of Kim's references from previous positions.

Your Children – Kim can care for children from 12 weeks old through to 12 years of age, to a maximum of 3 children at any one time.  You should note that Kim can care for children from a maximum of two separate families in either or both of the parents' homes.

Location – The service is currently offered throughout the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland and surrounding areas only.  She will travel within a 20 mile radius of her home in Glenrothes.  Parents are not obliged to pay any traveling costs for Kim traveling to and from their home.

Excursions – She is happy to offer to take your children on trips or outings as you require throughout the Glenrothes and surrounding areas.  These can include parks, beaches, cinemas, swimming, activity centres, traveling to and from school or nursery, and birthday parties.  Any entry fees (including Kim’s) would need to be at the parents expense and a fuel allowance would need to be agreed on a per mile basis for any driving required. Kim has access to a 2008 registered car fully fitted with seat belts, though if a car seat is required this would need to be provided by the parents. Please click here for a selection of popular local excursions which have been provided for your consideration.

Hours – She is able to care for your children (depending on availability) from 6 am to 10 pm on weekdays (later on a Friday night) and from 8 am until late at weekends.  Full details and prices for these time blocks are shown in the pricing section. The minimum booking time she can offer is 4 hours, though if you need the child care for a shorter time she can still offer the service, but at a price for 4 hour minimum block.  At this time she is unable to offer a live-in or over night service.

Holidays – Kim's advertised rate in the pricing section includes an allowance for holiday pay and therefore there is no additional costs to pay towards holidays.

Payment – Parents can pay Kim directly by various means; cheque, cash or credit card.  Payment is due on completion of the shift and a receipt will be provided on-site and also a copy sent to parents for each payment via email or in the post.

Booking – You can book your free introductory meeting with Kim and also (if registered already) any hours you require child care by sending an email with your requirements.

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